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Nano Cerium Oxide

Nano Cerium Oxide

Nano Cerium Oxide is an inorganic compound that acts as a catalyst for organic reactions. Light yellow or yellowish-brown powder. The density is 7.13g/cm3. The melting point is 2397°C. It is insoluble in water and alkali, slightly soluble in acid. Cerium oxide is mainly used as an additive in the glass industry, as an abrasive material for plate glass, and can also be used in cosmetics to play an anti-ultraviolet effect. At present, it has been expanded to the grinding of spectacle glass, optical lens, and picture tube, which plays the role of decolorization, clarification, and absorption of ultraviolet rays and electron rays in the glass.

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Product Details:

Product Features:

1. The nano-cerium oxide crystal form is intact, the specificity is large, it is not easy to form pores in the ceramic. The product has good evacuation transparency and is easy to be added to polymers such as plastics and silicone rubber;
2. Nano-cerium oxide has the characteristic of being larger than the nominal product, which is suitable for use in coating materials or catalysts;
3. Nano-cerium oxide has the characteristics of small crystal grain size, which is suitable for the application of UV isolators in sunscreen cosmetics, plastics, coatings, and anti-aging agents in silicone rubber.

Product Parameters:

Name Of Production

Nano Cerium Oxide

Inspection basis

GB/T14635-2008 etc

Inspection Items

Inspection standard %























Particle size


Note: The above data is the controllable range of the company’s products, and the quality certificate shall be subject to the quality certificate issued by the goods.

Application and After-Sales Service:

1. High-efficiency catalysts, fine polishing, chemical additives, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, nano-cerium oxide, ultraviolet receivers, battery materials;
2. Exquisite and functional ceramics; added to ceramics can lower the sintering temperature;
restrain the growth of the crystal lattice, and improve the compactness of the ceramics;
3. Alloy coating: Add the electrocrystallization process of transforming zinc in zinc-nickel, zinc diamond, and zinc-iron alloys to promote preferential orientation of crystal planes, and the coating structure is more even and denser, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the coating;
4. Polymer: It can increase the thermal stability and aging resistance of the polymer;
5. Used as a 300-degree heat stabilizer and anti-aging agent for plastics and rubber;
6. As a plastic smoothing agent, improve the lubrication coefficient of plastics;
7. Used for precision polishing.

After-Sales Service: Our company has implemented the three-guarantee principle since its operation: guarantee the quality of Cerium oxide products, guarantee the effect of Cerium oxide products, and guarantee the after-sales of Cerium oxide products.

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