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CAMO Was Assessed As A “Small And Medium-sized Technology Enterprise”

CAMO was assessed as a “Small and Medium-sized Technology Enterprise” by the Inner Mongolia Science and Technology DepartmentA few days ago, the Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Department announced the second batch of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region “Science and Technology SMEs” recognized list in 2021. Inner Mongolia CAMO New Materials Co., Ltd. stood out among many enterprises and successfully entered the autonomous region's technology SMEs. This award is not only recognized by the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region for the R&D and innovation capabilities of CAMOi, but also represents that CAMOi has core independent intellectual property rights and has independent innovation technology research and development capabilities.Since its establishment, CAMO has been focusing on technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Through continuous innovation and repeated experiments, it has solved one technical problem after another. The rare earth catalytic matrix for synthetic rubber and medicinal rare earth catalytic matrix independently developed by the company has been widely recognized and welcomed by the market. The company has a professional technology research and development team, which continuously carries out technology research and development and product innovation, improves product functions, meets the higher user needs of users, and meets national standards.Up to now, CAMO has 1 invention patent, 8 utility model patents, 1 invention patent, and 3 registered trademarks. At present, the products and business of Zhongke Mengxi have covered most of the domestic provinces, municipalities, and more than 100 cities, and are also exported to Britain, Spain, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of the company's team, the company will continue to expand its business and occupy its own position in the rubber catalysis and medicinal catalysis market.This time, being assessed as an autonomous region-level high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise will surely further promote the process of independent innovation and independent research and development of CAMO, and it is also another milestone in the company's development history. In the future, CAMO will continue to uphold the innovative concept of hard work and courage to pioneer, and bring better and more complete products and services to the majority of users.

Mengxi New Materials Shandong Project Laid The Foundation

Spring is full and Vientiane is renewed. On the morning of April 20, 2021, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Mengxi New Materials Shandong Project was held at the construction site of the Shandong Liangshan Project. Liangshan County Party Secretary Jia Zhifu, Liangshan County People’s Congress Director Qin Yanxin, and Liangshan County CPPCC Chairman Chu Xianhai, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, Director of the Office of the County Party Committee, Li Yaping, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress Cao Jingquan, Deputy County Mayor Ma Tao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Maying Town Wang Mingxian, and leaders of various county departments in Liangshan County and various departments of the Maying Town government, The general manager of Mengxi New Materials, Sa Ren Qing Gele, attended the ceremony and jointly cultivated the soil and laid the foundation under the witness of the news media.The Mengxi New Materials Shandong project is another project of Inner Mongolia CAMO New Materials Co., Ltd. following the CAMO project to open up the closed-loop of the industry chain. Mengxi New Materials Shandong will mainly focus on hydrated rare earth compounds, and the main products are fluorine. Rare earth, nano-rare earth, hydrated rare earth, rare earth nitrates, and large specific surface area cerium oxide, white cerium oxide, and other special oxides. After the completion of the project, it will not only become an effective supplement to the CAMO project, but also greatly broaden the product chain of the Mengxi project.

The Company Successfully Passed The System Certification

In mid-January 2021, a three-member audit team from the China Internet of Things Quality Assurance Center conducted a three-day audit and guidance on the company’s system established in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 standards. The audit content includes careful inspection and review of the suitability of various departmental documents, on-site management norms, environmental factors and the effectiveness of hazard identification and control, and compliance with laws and regulations.Through the joint efforts of various departments of the company, the audit team agreed that the company’s “three systems” meet the requirements of ISO standards, maintain the qualifications of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and grant the first approval to the ISO14001:2015 environmental management system and ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety system register.The successful passing of this certification audit marks a solid step taken by the company on the road to standardization of the standard system construction and management operation, and it also means that the company's comprehensive management level and market competitiveness have reached a new level. In the future, the company will continue to improve its internal management mechanism and promote the continuous and effective development of the company's management system.